“Natural Lip Care Kit” Lip Scrub Exfoliating & Moisturizing Kit by Beauty Treats – 6pc Boxed Set


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Product Description

Natural Lip Care Kit by Beauty Treats. Treat and pamper your lips with Beauty Treats Natural Lip Care Kit. Lip Scrubs are formulated with exfoliating sugars & moisturizing oils. Scented sugar lip scrub exfoliates and moisturizes lips with antioxidants and Vitamin-E. Sugar help to gently remove dead skin leaving lips soft and supple. Lip Care Moisturizer contains natural extracts and Vitamin-E to hydrate and nourish lips. Use both products for luscious and smooth lips. Sold as a Sealed Boxed Unit containing 3 Lip Cares & 3 Lip Scrubs (A DMM St Louis offering)

Product details

Brand Generic
Item Form Balm
Finish Type Rejuvenated & Supple
Skin Type Combination, For All Skin Type & Skin Tones
Color Lip Care = Translucent / Lip Scrub = Color Denoted by Flavor Variant
Product Benefits Hydrating, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Nourishing, Natural Extracts
  • Box Contents: 3 Natural Lip Care lip Balm Moisturizers & 3 Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrubs; Aromatically Scented
  • Natural Lip Care Lip Balm Moisturizer Flavor Scents are: 1) ROSE, 2) COCONUT, 3) VANILLA MINT; 13ml/.45oz contents each composite squeeze tube
  • Sugar Lip Scrub Scents are: 1) SHEA BUTTER, 2) STRAWBERRY, 3) HONEY; 10.5g each unit
  • about COCONUT LIP CARE: Coconut Extracts Hydrate Lips, Helping to Keeps Them Moisturized
  • about VANILLA MINT LIP CARE: Vitamin-E Soothes & Conditions Lips for Smooth & Supple Feel
  • about ROSE LIP CARE: Infused with Rosa Canina Fruit Oil Extracts & Antioxidants to Hydrate & Calm Lips for Lasting Softness
  • Lip Care Kit is a Cruelty Free Vegan Product
  • Recommended to Use Products Together for Maximum Exfoliating, Hydrating, Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Benefits Leading to Happy Lips

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