Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser, 300ml Touchless Rechargeable


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Product Description

Features of the HOTBABY Automatic Soap Dispenser

  • Pump soap directly for a convenient and easy way to wash hands.
  • The fully automatic touch-free operation helps avoid cross-infection.
  • Easy to use sensor makes hand-washers a smart choice for use at home in the bathroom. It is widely used in the kitchen, or in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.

Product details

Color White
Material ABS
Shape Hand
Number of Sets 1
Product Dimensions 2.7″L x 3.8″W x 8.5″H
  • 【Automatic Soap Dispenser】 The liquid aid is equipped with high-sensitivity infrared sensor, which can quickly and effectively foam. Provides an excellent touchless handwashing experience. Compared with the manual type, the soap dispenser can dispense is safe automatically and hygienic to prevent secondary infection.
  • 【3-Speed Adjustable Dispenser】Just press the power button, you can switch 3-speed foam: 1.8g, 1g and 0.6g, prevent overuse, not only suitable for hand washing, but for tableware. The Foaming detergent can be used directly. The liquid detergent needs to be diluted with 3-8 times of water, otherwise it will not work properly.
  • 【USB Rechargeable & IPX5 Waterproof Specification】Automatic dispenser is USB rechargeable, please use it with caution when replacing the battery or connecting to power. When low power, the indicator light will turn red. A full charge be used for about 3 to 4 months. IPX5 waterproof specification, be used in wet places such as toilets or kitchens.
  • 【With 300ml Large Capacity & Tray & Wall Mountable】Enough capacity, no need to change hand sanitizer frequently. Transparent water level gauge design, easy to confirm the remaining amount of liquid. Made of high-quality ABS material, the body is strong and not easy to damage. Comes with a tray for placing and hanging on the wall.
  • 【Soap Dispenser be Used in Various Occasions】Small size, easy to carry around, suitable for hygiene management or prevention in public places such as homes, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, medical institutions, hotels, cinemas, offices, companies, offices, etc. Infect.
  • Note: The red light will be on when charging, and the white light will be on when it is full. Charging time: 2-3 hours, Be sure to use it after the white light is on. Please grasp the charging time. If the charging time so long, the battery may be damaged.

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