Activity Log Notepad, 50 Pages Activity Log, 11 X 8.5 Inch A4 Tear Sheets. Made in the USA.


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Brand Life Charge Color Black Grey and White Cover Material Paper Year 2021 Format Day to Day Calendar, Desk Calendar, Project Calendar Sheet Size A4 8.5X11 Inches Material Paper Pages 50 Pages Binding Notebook Special Feature Time Sheet, Activity Tracking, Time Management, Log Daily Tasks, Versatile Use See more About this item Activity Log Notepad. …

About this item

  • Activity Log Notepad. These activity logs are helpful for work, home, personal and professional use. The format of this activity log allows for tracking date, starting time, and ending time. Use a single line or multiple lines to describe the appointment, task, or contact. It has a blank line at the top of each sheet to title each activity log sheet. Use one or many sheets for each project. FINALLY, a versatile activity log that can be used for many purposes and timeframes.
  • Daily Activity Log. This activity log is a valuable tool for tracking time used throughout the workday. An excellent time management tool that helps understand how the day is spent. You might be interested in making your day more productive or assisting employees in making the most of their time
  • Client File Folder Activity Log. Log client or customer-specific activities. If your business has customers and clients, it is important to log the specific tasks you complete on their behalf or for them. Logging the time spent in that effort is also crucial. Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Salespeople, etc
  • Incoming or Outgoing Call Activity Log. Salespeople should have a daily goal of how many outgoing calls are made per day to generate business. Logging sales calls can help forecast how much effort it takes to close each sale. This activity log could also be used to track outgoing email blasts or mailings. Sales managers are wise to require these activity logs for employees to document their efforts.
  • Project Activity Log. In home life and at work, we are all in charge of completing projects. Stocking inventory, building a website, creating an advertisement campaign, taking photographs, packing for a trip. Each project has a series of steps that need to be completed to be successful. Log the tasks it takes to complete a project.

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