40 Magnetic Pins in Assorted Colors – 4mm x 10mm (Blue)


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Product Description

Set of 40 blue colorful magnetic pins. Dimensions are 4mm diameter by 10mm length per magnet.

Perfect for holding papers to any magnetic surface. One colorful magnet can hold up to 6 pieces of printer paper. Great map magnets as they pinpoint small locations on a magnetic map.

This magnet set complies with the regulations and labeling requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition, in accordance with Amazon strong magnet policy, these magnets are not made of rare earth metals (flux less than 50 kG2mm2).

  • Small Size To Pinpoint Items On Maps – Each magnet is about 1/8 x 3/8 inches (4 x 10mm). These tiny magnets are perfect to pinpoint points of interest on a map as map magnets, or these magnetic push pins can be used as whiteboard magnets, classroom magnets, and office magnets.
  • Colorful Magnetic Push-Pins – 40 beautiful blue magnetic push-pins that are perfect for color coding and organizing.
  • Impressive Strength – Not only are the colorful magnets perfect for marking where you’ve been, they’re also strong enough to hold your maps to magnetic surfaces.
  • Perfect For Most Surfaces – Works well on traditional white boards and magnetic surfaces. Will NOT work well on glass boards or stainless steel surfaces.

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