Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set, Plazuria 5 in 1 DIY Facemask Mixing Tool Kit


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Product Description

5 in 1 perfect face mask kit: 

It is a necessary product for facial skin care. No longer need to use your fingers to apply clean and hygienic.

Cute and lightweight, very easy to wash.

Package Includes:

1* Silicone mask bowl

2* Silicone mask brush

1* Bristle mask brush

1* Plastic Mask stick

Product Size:

Bowl size(W x H): 4 x 2.6 inch

Stick spatula size(L x W): 6.1 x 1 inch

Silicone mask brush size(L x W): 5.6 x 0.6 inch

Soft bristle mask brush(L x W): 6.1 x 0.9 inch

Why choose our silicone mask mixing bowl set?

Mask Bowl Material Comparison

Our Silicone Mask Bowl. Green and environmental protection. No off-smell. Good heat-resistance.

Ordinary Plastic Mask Bowl Made of industrial waste.

Had a bad smell. Excessive heating releases harmful substances.

Our Silicone Mask Bowl

Good flexibility, resistance to falling, long service life. Small and lightweight, easy to carry.

Ordinary Glass Mask Bowl

Not resistant to falling, easy to break. Not easy to carry.

Mask brush: 

2 brush brushes of different shapes to meet your skin care needs.

The silicon brush is very soft and easy to clean, It is very gentle, doesn’t scratch the face.

Soft bristle brush,soft and silky to touch, gentlely opens skin pores.

Spatula: it has smooth edge and strong tenacity, which makes it great for mixing your mask powder and

applying the mask.

Kindly Reminder: 

Please clean it up after using to avoid bacteria breeding, extend the service life as well.

Brand Plazuria
Item Form Wand
Use for Face
Unit Count 1 Count

About this item

  • VERY PRACTICAL FACE MASK KIT: This is a great little set with everything you could possibly need to mix your own facial masks at home, comes with1 Face mask bowl, 1 Stick spatula, 2Silicon Face mask brushes, 1 premium Soft Face Brushes Mask Applicator,5 in 1 set, which is Self care life saver, makes DIY face masks a lot less messy
  • SPACE SAVING AND HANDY: this facial mask tool set can easily fit in a small makeup bag or handbag, no matter for travel or a short leave, it will be added to your collection to your new must have, never to be worried too big that can’t be carry with you
  • SOFT & SKIN-FRIENDLY BRUSH: this face mask brush head is made of food grade silicone(not like the others’ bristles head), soft and skin-friendly, you don’t need worry the bristles on the brush are falling out or brush head comes apart from the handle
  • PREMIUM SOFT FACE BRUSHES MASK APPLICATOR :good for Applying Clay Mask Eye Peel Serum or DIY Needs, Smooth and Soft, Easy Use Around Those Hard to Reach and Smaller Sections of Your Face, Such as Your Eyes And Nose Areas

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